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Jess Peterman

 Like many people, I have been on plenty of those disappointing vacations that make you think, “I should’ve just saved my money.” We’ve all been there, right? The excitement of exploring new places often gets overshadowed by the overwhelming task of organizing the perfect trip. We all want that fantastic experience without breaking the bank, wrapped up in relaxation and those dreamy lasting memories – it’s something we can all relate to.

I noticed others around me stuck in a rut, either frustrated during vacations or ending up at the same old spot repeatedly, not out of love but out of familiarity. I wanted everyone to feel at ease exploring the world and making lasting memories with their families.

So, I took the plunge into the blogosphere, sharing tips to make planning a breeze. I even stepped out of my introvert shell, sharing my travel adventures on social media, trying to prove that vacation planning doesn’t have to be stressful. But, let’s be real, it was a struggle to get my advice in front of people thanks to the ever-changing algorithms of Google and Meta.

After my youngest graduated high school, I decided it was time to take a more hands-on approach. Becoming a travel agent, I vowed to cut through the info overload, curate dream vacations, and help others make the most of their budget and time.

Now, I’m here as a personal travel concierge. With my custom travel planning services, I ensure my clients only have one thing on their minds – the sheer joy of their incredible vacation. Because ultimately, travel should be about the adventure, not the headache.

Let’s Start Creating your luxury custom travel itinerary for your dream destination .

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